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Before & After. Crotch, thigh, front and rear pocket repairs

repair31 beforerepair31 after

Before & After (Crotch repair)

repair2 after1 repair2 before

Before & After (Thigh & Knee repair) – True Religion

repair22 before repair22 after2

Before & After (Thigh Tear repair) – True Religion

nudie repair

Extensive crotch repair (both sides) on Nudie jeans

naked before1naked2


Two examples of Naked and Famous crotch repairs

luciw complete

Another example of extensive rear crotch blowout and its pro repair by dense darning. Almost invisible from a distance.

popped loop complete

Repair of long rip along rear pocket stitching (common occurrence on stretch fabrics) and popped (ripped out with fabric) belt loop.

mari complete


If either of the rear pockets is used to carry a wallet or phone and the corners poke/rub through the denim,

the pocket, after being repaired, can be fully lined with heavy cotton cloth that will prevent new damage to the denim.

denim liningdenim lining beforedenim lining repairdenim lining repair2denim lining detail

Front pocket bag (left or right or both) replacement is also available. Sturdy cotton cloth (heavier than that of the manufacturers) is used to provide long wearing and durability.

tetsu final new pocket bags