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We can repair and taper from knee down any of your favorite jeans, not limited to:  316, ACNE Studios, APC, Citizens of Humanity, Diesel, GStar Raw, Japan Blue, Levi’s, MOMOTARO, Nudie, Naked and Famous, Samurai, True Religion, Unbranded, just to name a few brands we frequently work on.

How much does Doctor Denim cost? All repairs are done by the dense DARNING METHOD (unless requested otherwise), with color match thread,  exactly as shown on “Before & After” photos. NO UGLY PATCHES, NO CONTRAST THREADS.

Repair (Prices in Canadian Dollars)
Typically an inch of normal (not frayed!) rip/tear/cut = NO HOLE, NO BLOWOUT

Holes and heavily frayed (blown out) areas, rips need to be priced individually based on the photo(s) you provide in the form



$15 and up

Rivet replacement (generic)
Zipper repair
Zipper replacement
Button replacement (generic)
$5 each
$10 and up
$10 and up


How much is shipping?

If you decide to mail us your denim for repair, you can expect to pay $8 per pair in the GTA and Ontario. To ship the repaired item back to you would cost about the same.  The shipping cost per pair from and to the West Coast (Manitoba, Alberta, BC) is about $14. We always ship back your package by Canada Post’s tracked method with $100 insurance included.

You can arrange a drop off and pick up though to save these two-way shipping charges altogether.

How does Doctor Denim repair your denim? Is it a patch?

Absolutely NOT. Much better than that. We use a sophisticated darning method (close, dense stitching of the problem areas) with perfect color-matched threads to entirely reconstruct the damaged fabric.

Does Doctor Denim repair only blue denim?

Absolutely NOT. Any and every color and shade of denim is repairable. We have the matching thread for every color!!

Can I drop off my jeans for repair and pick them upon completion?

Yes. You can take them to our workshop in Mississauga (Britannia and Tomken area) or arrange for a drop off/pick up downtown Toronto, at Scarborough Town Center or in Yorkdale Mall.

What happens if I don’t like the repair you provide?

The guys at Doc Denim have been in the denim repair business for over 20 years and supplied positive results with unsurpassed customer satisfaction for all aspects of repairs and problems. We guarantee every effort will be made to repair your favorite jeans as best, neat and cost-effective as possible, however we are not responsible for any disagreement on results.

Does Doc Denim only handle certain brand names and/or high-end denim?

Not at all! We love to repair anything and reconnect you with it. We take pride in reconnecting you with THAT favorite piece that you can no longer wear due to damage. Be it a Wrangler, Levi’s, GAP, Diesel, Replay, Abercrombie & Fitch, H & M, etc, any name and brand made of denim, canvas or cotton.

How long does it take for us to repair your denim?

The typical turnaround time is 2-3 days after drop off or receiving the piece in the mail. We can make special arrangements for faster (1 day) service on request.

Do I need to do anything to my denim before giving it to Doctor Denim?

Please provide your denim in a clean/laundered condition, first out of respect for our guys who work on it and secondly to show its real color(s) so that the best matching thread color can be found for the damaged area.

Do we only repair jeans (pants)?

No. We can reconnect you with that favorite denim jacket, skirt, coat, chambray western shirt, etc.. Anything that’s made of denim.